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Your design team's task is  to create a show piece, a gymnasium or field house which will represent the school for years to come on a daily basis. And the Horner Sports Flooring Team stands ready with time-tested quality and aesthetics that are central in helping you create the vision your owners expect.

Why Horner Hard Maple is the Best Choice for Sports Flooring?

Physical Characteristics

Horner MFMA northern hard maple (Acer saccharum) is dense, strong, supremely durable and remarkably hard. MFMA northern hard maple is 12% harder than red oak, and 7% harder than white oak


Horner MFMA northern hard maple flooring has a natural beauty and color which provides an excellent contrast to paint used to stripe floors for such activities as basketball and volleyball.

Resiliency and Performance

Horner MFMA northern hard maple is an organic product consisting of patterns of fibers and air pockets which give it a natural shock-absorbing quality. These characteristics, combined with specially designed and engineered subfloor systems, deliver performance and safety for a variety of sporting and activity applications.

Environmental Responsibility

Wood is the only natural resource on Earth that is at once renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and re-useable. The energy required to grow our timber supply is free - it comes from the sun Quality Assurance - For 103 years, architects have relied on MFMA's quality assurance when determining what surfaces to specify for their athletic flooring installations. it.

Research and Resources

MFMA has authorized an independent testing agency to test floor finish products in accordance with strict standards. This program provides architects with valuable floor finish comparison and selection data.back to top

The 5 Top Criteria When Analyzing your Sport Flooring Project

When considering which flooring system is best suited for your installation, it is important to consider different attributes of each system.

  • Cost
  • Appearance (Aesthetics)
  • Slab Depression/Floor Elevation Requirements
  • End Uses for the Facility Performance Characteristics

Getting Started

Conduct a Needs Analysis Prior to the Specification Process

Start your specification decisions by asking questions:

  • Who will be using this floor?
  • What activities will be performed on the surface?
  • How often will the facility be used in an average year?
  • Is the facility going to be subjected to long idle periods?
  • What is the climate in the area of the installation?
  • What types of HVAC systems can I specify for the space?
  • Is the installation below-grade, on-grade, or above-grade?

Answers to these and other questions will help you to eliminate subfloor designs that are inappropriate for your project.

Specifying a Horner Maple Sports Flooring Subfloor System

Horner has spent years testing and developing a host of subfloor systems to meet the needs of athletes and other facility users alike.

There are three basic subfloor designs:

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